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It's wasting

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 26, 2014, 10:48 PM

Man, go through reality and suddenly its like you forget the rest of the world exists.  I deeply apologize for my absence!

Here's the happenings and the happened:

Lost my job, had a dented wallet and breaking car from SAID JOB..(was fucked over...not from being shitty worker) had just enough to pay for car insurance, visited grandparents to help care for them, was going to visit dad for some quick work...never happened. Month later, still caring for grandparents and looking for work. Was ejected from other home ( not..having.. a stable..home..already like.. 12 times in the past 7 years.. ) so continues to care for grandparents, not complaining.. in fact.. im happy im here because ive stalled them from going into assisted living from the stressing pressure of relatives...

I'm quiet and short..but damnit, you dont fuck with the weak and depressed...I will fuck your greedy little plans up...

OK... so.. for.. like..ever i have been working on a commission for someone, but dont worry, im stil sort of drawing. >.> Im actually working on something currently to take a breather from said comic and get a little more practice in (digital). I havent posted anything because its usually been on paper and a scanners like someone elses fart, you have to know when to go to it and have the motivation to linger in it.

....Ok.. im sort of lazy and dont want to try and go up and down and maneuver everything beyond the chores i keep up with. Thank goodness Kodi has been helping my ass, i was falling into the deep end.

My medical life is still questionate, but my doctor is doing what they can and im forever grateful..but.. i have to renew my free clinic life very soon, now that i think of it >.>' shit.. my memories shit.

Uh.. im pretty sure i have a brain load to tell you guys but it really is a kind of neglect and i apologize. Its care for grandparents or laze on a computer and draw.. i choose family...BUT.. since you guys are my family as well.. im still trying to keep your little eye pleasures coming... hopefully these projects will come out as planned and ill satisfy you all.

here cums the moosh..

I want to thank all of you, and everyone who has been incredibly supportive. You keep my lust to draw alive and make me little cracked fangs smile. -bows-

Here's to hoping life gets a little easier this year! Those who have been moving, stressing, and feeling down or even feeling up, you guys are awesome, no matter what you feel your worth is. And if you need evidence, give me some beakers and plagues and things to bring the dead back and im sure youll feel very wanted then.

Also,Single life isnt always the greatest, no...and its a strong urge in people to want to be connected with another, i know... but stop thinking your life is only seconds from death.. theres always a way for things to pull through...even if you feel like shit always hits the fan and smacks you... You're worth more than your price tag...ALWAYS... except you douche holes.. you can fuck yourselves.. ... what...? you know what i mean... .... -sigh-... even the douche holes =___='

=D with that.. im done rambling.. so just a reminder that Yuki is still alive and just sneezed all over the damn place...but still gives a shit and a sneeze about you guys <3

May you all enjoy your freakin year and get through all your hard times like a mother fuckin anime bad ass and i will do the same!


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